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 Recruitment information.

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Cerillius Fidellii
Cerillius Fidellii

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Recruitment information. Empty
PostSubject: Recruitment information.   Recruitment information. I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 10, 2008 3:59 pm

I welcome you all to the forum of the Lion's Legionaires Smile I am going to give you some information about applications now and the things required.

Note: This is all in game character based information, no information about you in the "real life" is required.


Character description (Looks):
Character description/history:
Reason to join us:

Here you will find a example of an application:

Name: Cerillius Fidelii
Race: Aquilonian
Character age: 23

Description of Cerillius Fidelii,

Dark brown hair often sticking to his sweaty and dirty skin, it’s clearly noticeable that this young man has never seen the sun that much and that is correct as the thing he mainly saw was the forge. His sturdy hands and muscled body reflect the hard work he has performed daily in his life. This man, who may give you quite an impression of a strong man referring to form, has friendly light blue eyes with eyebrows of medium size and length.
Around his mouth he never carried a beard, however as the time passes he is wondering if he should grow one. ((I got no clue how good they’ll look.)) He wears clothes, or rags if you’d prefer to call it, he is certainly not a rich man and that is clearly reflected by his outfits. Nonetheless, he has always dreamed of rich armour, clothes and a house of his own. A family along with that and it will be an unreachable dream for him, right?

Character background:

Cerillius Fidelii, a man of a family that has never seen the world from another aspect then the muddy streets of old Tarantia they were grown in. Risen by his mother and father in a small house, or workshop to be more precise. His father, Numelius Fidelii was a smith, certainly not of renown, more the basic work. Tools of inferior quality and rarely a weapon or armorpiece.
Teaching his son in the arts of this work, he noticed that his son never paid attention. He could melt, aye, but he has never been interested in crafting weapons. No! He wanted to use them, get him out of this small street and up in the richer ranks. His father always shakes his head as he does so and goes on with his work.

His mother, Cridelia, (Cridelia because the last name of her father was Cridelii and it’s a common habit to make that the first name of the first born daughter), was a woman of few actions, rarely doing any hard work she was also the one in her father’s house to go to school and learn how to write and read. It took ten years before she was finally listening to her husband and started to teach her son to read and write, she also showed him several old drawings from architecture around Aquilonia, things he would probably never see.

This impressed him, the architecture; he wished he could be the one creating such magnificent buildings! Sadly, another wish that would never happen.
At his 19th birthday his mother and father waked him early in the morning, his room was full of candles and his father was holding a poor crafted sword, inferior armour and his mother a book full of architecture drawings.

“We spared some money over the past years, son. You are now free to enter the world, away from this city to make a destiny of your own. This armour will be a protection in harsh times, this sword will make your foes tremble and this architecture book be a guide to places worth to visit. But last and not least, it will remember you to us, how you began, keep this armour yours forever son. For us.”

That same day he said farewell to his parents, to set out and make his destiny.
Passing through old Tarantia he saw plenty of men and women, collecting people for their “cause” to create a new haven or stand their ground, all mighty and strong warriors.

However, on a wall, without anyone shouting for them, was a poster. A simple but interesting one, it explained about a group of people called the “House of the New Dawn”.
He knew that the “New dawn” has also come for him, to give him a chance to bring himself further than a small street in this city. He decides to go and pay them a visit, see if he is deemed worthy enough to enter a group of people, seeming passionate and friendly. Not shouting, but calm. He threw his bag over his shoulder and walked away, the sunrise behind him, not thinking about the family he left behind without any coin or child to gather their funds when they get old, he forgot them, right away...

As months have passed the time has come, Cerillius gathers his posessions and mounts his horse. He looks over his shoulder one last time before riding off into the distance, away from Kathia, thinking about the reason he has been called to Tarantia.
A week or two later Cerillius arrives in Tarantia and shortly after meets a representative of King Conan at his palace, after discussing for a day and thinking it over for three days Cerillius fell for the proposal and left the House defiinetively. Having done some formidable work in the past in the sewers Cerillius had catched the attention of the King because of his loyal and formidable mercenary work. He was offered a commanding rank in a new legion known as the "Lion's Legionaires" these legionaires would have the purpose of an Aquilonian mercenary army to refill the coffers for the upcoming and inevitable war.
Accepting this offer Cerillius immediatly started the recruitment and is now seen daily in the streets of Tarantia.

~Cerillius Fidelii

7. Why my character wants to join?

Well, being the leader that's ofcourse easy to clarify but valid points that caught you interest are what we want to hear.
This way we know what the things are that make us "unique" or "interesting".

Post your applications in this forum category. (not this topic.)

~ "In his name of his majesty the King, we the Lion's Legionaires are permitted to be hired out in name of Aquilonia to refill it's treasures for the upcoming war"

~Commander Cerillius Fidellii

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Recruitment information.
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