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PostSubject: Aplication   Aplication I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 13, 2008 9:41 pm

I am Archiloe Raventine, im glad to meet you. I am a soldier of both melee and magic.
everyything i know was teached to me by my father Kratonius Raventine one of conans generals in the army.
I am a dark templar as i have controled these unkown powers since i was a little baby.
well if you need a man who is good with a ord and controls powerfull magic then im your man.
and it should be mentioned that i have served in the army of Old tarantia fore some years.

heres my adress so you can send me a replying l
Kheemi, Serpent heads inn, room number 6

thank you fore reading this short letter

-Archiloe Raventine

OOC: Hes hair is blonde and always done nicely, hes skin has a slight tan but nothing big.
hes eyes are blue and hes muscles are though all over hes boyd as he is a sooldier. he is a young man, approx 21-23 years old
and wants to find a master armorsmith to teach him. Archiloe is usually a quiet type but when theres girls nearby
then he can suddenly talk again. hes father is dead and his mom and sister kidnapped by raiding bandits and he dosent know if they still live
i hope that was good enough as im not the biggest writer in the world

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