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 Guild recruitment script

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Cerillius Fidellii
Cerillius Fidellii

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Guild recruitment script Empty
PostSubject: Guild recruitment script   Guild recruitment script I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 17, 2008 12:53 pm

Copy this into a text document. Call it guild.txt. Place it in C:\Program Files\Funcom\Age of Conan\scripts

Then, once ingame select a channel to speak in and type /guild.txt to do it. Sometimes it's too big for the channel as it's busy in the channel Aquilonia/stygia/cimmeria should work if ooc does not.

<a href="text://<font color='blue'>Lion's Legionaires Guild Info:<br><br>Noble:</font><br>I heard we got a mercenary legion now! It seems Conan is going to refill the treasures without raising taxes. Lion's Legionaires are probably paid well. As it must pay well even though you hand most of the funds to the King. Their leader is called Cerillius Fidellii, rewarded for some sewer clearing.. I'm off to their headquarters (( I have some valuables that have to be escorted..I can use them, certainly..></font><br><br><font color='blue'>Guild Master:</font><br>Cerillius Fidellii<br><br>- ">An Aquilonian travelling tradesman walks up to you and says: "You heard yet?" </a>

~ "In his name of his majesty the King, we the Lion's Legionaires are permitted to be hired out in name of Aquilonia to refill it's treasures for the upcoming war"

~Commander Cerillius Fidellii
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Guild recruitment script
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