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 Guild information

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Cerillius Fidellii
Cerillius Fidellii

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PostSubject: Guild information   Guild information I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 10, 2008 5:50 pm

Welcome to the website of the Legionaires!

The Lion's Legionaires are a guild based on the great Roman/greek (and therefore also Aquilonian) cultures.
They bring great options to our guild for events, tactics and clothing.

The idea.

In my former guild "The house of the New Dawn" I already roleplayed that I had done some mercenary work in Aquilonia in it's sewers in trade for Aquilonian armor, now I take it that caught attention of the higher classes in Tarantia and therefore King Conan offered Cerillius a Commanding postion by the Lions. The Lions will be a mercenary guild, hirable by all that pay and are no enemy to Tarantia. We are doing this to fill the coffers of Aquilonia aswell our own to prepare for the upcoming dangers. (Nemedia, Thoth Amon and the rise of other evil)
Cerillius will be granted supplies aswell as land and lifestock in the future in trade for good action on the fields. (So will all of us)
making us grow in status, strength and size realisticly. We will begin small and become larger to become one of the large Aquilonian armies.

(There are a lot of options for this guild's future, (Anyone remember the Teutonic order in Medieval Total war (or perhaps from whatever) Wink?)

The information:

The Lions will be ruled in the common way:

Leader: Commander
Officers: Councillor, treasurer, Squad leaders and successor
Loyal soldiers: Legionaires
Trusted soldiers: Squires
Barely trusted soldiers: Vassals
Recruits: Aspirants

Councillor: Diplomat/advisor Treasurer: Paper work person Squad leaders: Leaders of the soldiers. Sucessor: A most worthy soldier that has proved his worth in the field that much, that he is named as the successor to the Commander.
We will have squads, depending on the future how we organize them.


Members: Every race is welcome aslong as he/she agrees to follow the culture strictly. If there are much more Cimmerians/Stygians then Aquilonians however we will speed down their recruitment to bring it to the right scale.

Religon: Mainly Mitrans but in secret every religion is allowed.

Events: Just look up in the history books what Romans and Greeks did, we will do that aswell! One I am planning to do is a monthly"Bread and plays" apart of many other events.

Combat: Well known formations and we'll carry blue/gold/blue+gold outfits.

City: If we found one (We will, but only when the appropriate moment is there for our guild story) it will be in Poitain.

Roleplay: We will be a roleplay guild, however it's difficult to say what kind. I won't RP 100% daily. I will run in some cities but I won't ever talk ooc in /say without brackets and never skip roleplay when I meet it. That's the roleplay kind we like. Call it casual or heavy I do not care.

PvP: Yes, no RP without PvP eh?
PvE: Yes, until we get enough members we'll try to join with others in alliances or form PuGs.

I am level 80 personally and having not too much to do I'll do my best to help everyone and get the guild running, therefore I will say that we'll be a helpfull guild. Our roleplay will be based around Tarantia and wherever we are hired for until we found our own city. Until then, where do we keep our headquarters? We'll decide that later but we need one in Tarantia, true.

I hope I've said enough and have given enough information, tell me (cerillius ) in game or leave a reply here for more information.
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Guild information
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