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 Letter of application

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PostSubject: Letter of application   Letter of application I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 30, 2008 12:52 pm

Dear Sir,

Will try to fill this application as you ordered. Though, i am no man of letters, and my frail hands barely hold a pen in my past.

Name is Elqui. Not sure about the real family name. And will carry non, till i find my father and be honored by his. I was grown up in a stygian farm, by my step-parents, who had never give a clue about my past. My childhood in that farm is not so clear today, though i can still feel the great depression of those days. I ran away. To be honest, instead of running away for my future, i was running away for my past.

Ambition for finding my ancestors still shapes my life.

As i'm getting on in years, something started to shape in my mind. Every village i visit, every warrior i speak, every land i step is crying now. I can feel Hyboria's pain is also growing with mine. It was some other reason to fight, and stand. That's the reason i'm willing to join your legion. Lands of my ancestors is whispering for help.

I'm 26 years old today. Born in stygia, but has nothing to do with magic. I prefer my poison dripping blades instead of shiny man-size swords, feathery clothes instead of solid steel plates, and ground shaking boots. I'm a spy if you pay, thief if you have offer, or assasin if you can afford. But i'm no brigand, ready for your every need. I fight only for my king, and my superior goal.

I will be honored if you let me join your ranks, and train with your lions.

You sincerely,
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Letter of application
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